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Hello from Raystack
logoRavi Suhag| Feb 2, 2022

Across the industries, there is an emergence of a trend where primary business value is coming from data. More and more organizations are building complex systems for data-driven decision-making. As a result, data infrastructure is undergoing rapid, fundamental changes at an architectural level.


Despite all the recent advancements, the modern data stack is still very hard to navigate with hundreds of new tools and technologies. Building a modern data platform to meet data needs involves choosing and building on top of diverse tools. For data leaders, making the right choices is more critical than ever as we continue to make businesses more data-driven. There is a need for data practitioners to come together and share and set up best practices around building data platform.


Creating a collaborative space for top data leaders driving these changes can act as a guidepost for organizations to understand the current state of the ecosystem and future needs to evolve data infrastructure. We aim to contribute to the data industry’s evolution and catalyze it by identifying, sharing, and setting up best practices for scalable data infrastructure, analytics, machine learning, and AI technologies.


Dataverse will consist of senior data engineering and infrastructure leaders from digital-native companies and established enterprises adopting modern DataOps processes across the world.

The group will meet regularly to discuss data topics amongst peers across industries. Leaders in this group will be curated to ensure an engaging dialogue about substantive topics. Among other things charter of this group will include

Opportunities to advise founders and explore emerging technologies. Advise companies and startups and help them succeed by offering our collective expertise. Offering unmatched networking opportunities in the data industry, and beyond. Benefits Dataverse gives you access to experts and data leaders to collaborate on building data-driven organizations.

  • Valuable connections
  • Insightful conversations
  • Expert talks
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