Data infrastructure

This guide offers a high-level overview of setting up data infrastructure using Raystack products.

Building data infrastructure is without a doubt a complex problem evolving over time. Maintainability, scalability, observability, fault-tolerance, and performance are some of the aspects around it that demand improvements over and over again. Data Infrastructure focuses on creating a robust, flexible infrastructure for scalable data workloads. Data Platform provides a control plane for each layer of data infrastructure for a consistent workflow to provision, secure, connect, and run the entire data infrastructure for any application. Following are some of the benefits provided by data infrastructure.

Declarative style infrastructure

Data platform allows us to create and manage the entire infrastructure in a declarative style, and it always represents the latest state of our infrastructure. At a glance, engineers can tell what’s currently deployed and configured without worrying about the past state of infrastructure and its evolution.

Structure and consistency

Data Platform provides consistent workflow and code structure for engineers to provision resources and workload, central module registry to publish and discover modules. In addition, users can reuse these modules to provide the infrastructure of their choice.

Self-serve and On-demand infrastructure

A self-service model allows engineers to pick the infrastructure best suited to run their applications/workloads and provision it on-demand in a predictable and consistent way.

Safety and security

Data Platform provides fine-grained control on infrastructure operations for security, safety and reduces human errors. All operations are limited to authorized users following data governance guidelines.


With many moving pieces and large-scale infrastructure comes a vital need of allowing both ops teams and service owners to maintain observability of running applications and critical infrastructure. Data Platform provides auditing and reporting capabilities to provide better accountability over the entire infrastructure.

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